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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Sorry I haven't posted in over a week. Here's the story. When we last left our fabric store owner, she was enjoying the Moonlight Quilt Show. Got all of her things packed up and back to Fabric-Etc safe and sound. Sunday morning our store owner woke up with her whole world spinning. Yup....everything was whirling around. Had to hold the walls just to make it downstairs.

Now, honestly (and don't tell my mom - ok?) the last time I remember feeling that way was when I was a dumb 21 year old college student who got that way legally! Wish it were just that. Long story short...doc says it's a virus (remember that cold I got a few weeks ago?) Have an inflammation of the inner ear - "Viral Vertigo" she said and I have to just wait it out.

So, this is one of the first days that I can spend any time looking at my laptop screen without it swirling around. I am getting better slowly. And thanks to everybody who commiserated with me the last 10 days! I didn't know so many of you had gone through something similar! And of course, my fantastic employees stepped in and let me direct things from a chair, so I wouldn't fall over.

Anyway....as our sweet Emily said yesterday, "We have fabric coming out of our ears!" as she tried to fit it all into the racks. What's new? A great vintage collection from Red Rooster, including a book, new Susan Branch fabric, new black and whites (I am such a pushover for B/W!), a fun Loralie Christmas kitty, new flannel, and lots more.

Okay...computer screen starting to whirl a bit, so enough for tonight. Tea Party tomorrow. I made the scones tonight...Jan is at a retreat...stop by anytime between 12 and 2 tomorrow and join in the fun! The dizzy one is headed for bed...good night all!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Quilt Show Pics....

Hey, the Moonlight Quilt Show is great! They have over 300 quilts and we are at one end of the show. Everyone is so impressed with the quantity and definitely the quality of workmanship.

Here are some pictures I got yesterday.

One of the first things you'll be greeted with are the smiling faces at the "pay here" table! This is Joanie and Verna ready to take the $3 admission with their raffle quilt and basket there as well. (Basket is worth over $1000!!)

This year they are trying out a Tea Room. And of course, our Jan is very involved....they have great tea (and coffee), goodies and quilts for sale! Doesn't it look wonderful? They say it may become a permanent fixture of the show!

And here's our booth...came out pretty well, don't you think? I tried to be more organized and go in with more of a plan this year, so as not to frustrate my dear husband who is the "putter upper" guy!

Okay, got to run and finish his breakfast and lunchbox. And then off to the shop and the show. Hope you get a chance to make it today. They're open from 9-5. Be sure to stop and say hello!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday @ Fab-Etc....

Wasn't the weekend weather glorious? Well, I did work on Saturday at the shop, but Sunday was beautiful! I sat for a while and watched the grass grow in the backyard and did the crossword puzzle (well, sort of...who knows what French tobacco is, anyway?!?)

Then, Monday at Fab-Etc! We are in high gear getting ready for the Moonlight Quilt Show this Friday and Saturday. We have some kits to bring and are packing boxes with 1/2 yard cuts and having lots of fun. Hope you can make it to see the 350+ quilts they have on display! There's going to be a Tea Room this year (with goodies, too!) and quilts for sale. I'll be there both days selling stuff and handing out coupons good for the shop, so stop and say hi - OK?

I had a picture of some of the new fabric we have, but you would have needed Dramamine...pretty blurry. I'll try and get some pictures up soon. We got some new batiks today, and some "Bali Pops" from Hoffman. They are 2 1/2" strips in fun "flavors" like Mango, Sherbet, Mulberry. Pretty cool. We'll be bringing them to the show, so stop and take a look.

Okay...enough for now. Got to head for bed soon with dreams of new fabric and projects! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


So...what have I been doing the last week or so? Obviously not blogging!! As I said in my last post, the next biggies would be the Tea Party and the 9" star block (complete with a sample and directions) for the Tri-County meeting last Monday. Mission accomplished, with some help from my friends - thanks, Jan and Tracey!

This is a picture of the other thing that took some of my time since I last posted. Last Sunday was a baby shower in Kenmore for my soon to be third grandson, Cody. We had played a bit with "All About Me" at Shop Hop and then I got to thinking that Dave and Nikki were doing the nursery in brown and blue and with a blue stopper instead of the green, this would be perfect! Of course, it always takes longer than you think it will, so I sewed the last of those little rectangles together and stay stitched the edge about 11:00 Saturday night! Just put the names on paper, 'cause Betsy's going to embroider them for me after Cody's arrival - Dave is our youngest son and this is their first child, so needless to say, they are pretty excited. Shower was nice and the bonus was that I got to see everybody in my family that day!!

The Tri-County meeting was good...star blocks look awesome and I have an idea that I am ruminating on. It looks like it will be another exciting event in March!

So, what's been happening at Fab-Etc with the Fabettes? We moved a lot of fabric around, just to make things interesting for all of us. I keep going to where it used to be to put stuff away. We're also getting ready for the Moonlight Quilt Show Friday and Saturday of next week - September 19th and 20th - hear there are over 350 quilts! Be sure to say hi and pick up a coupon good at the shop. New fabric....got a great tea pot and cup fabric in two colorways.

And we have a new Fabette - Izzie is one of the members of the 4-H group that meets here twice a month. She lives about 3 blocks from the shop and is going to come in a few times during the month and tidy fabric, roll fat quarters, fold newsletters, etc. She's amazing! She's a Sophomore in high school, taking AP classes (including a college level course); likes to sew and design; laughed at my stupid jokes; and impressed all of us by learning the "dreaded double drape" in one lesson!! (Ask me to explain "dreaded double drape" next time you're in -ok?)

Somehow, I managed to get a cold in the midst of everything (think it might have been a few late nights?) Think I'll go get my NyQuil pill and head for bed. I've kind of gotten hooked on the crossword puzzles in the Herald...have to make the subscription go further with some entertainment value!

Have a great Friday - sunshine!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Back to school....

Hope your Labor Day was wonderful. I had fun crossing things off of my "To Do" list! This is a picture of one of the things on my list. The picture doesn't show it off very well - it's a really bright red polka dot lunch bag! Maybe you know someone who is "back to school" (or work) that could use one of these. It's made from the new oilcloth we recently received (there are 4 other prints). I made it in about an hour. My next "to do" is to revamp the old directions to make it easier and include the Velcro closure. Should have it done soon! Maybe tomorrow?!?

The new newsletter and an updated class schedule went up on the website today. And lots of you probably got the e-mail update. September is in full swing. The next "biggie" will be our Tea Party on Wednesday and then a 9" star block for the Tri-county Meeting a week from today.

Hope your week goes really well! Will keep you updated on any new, exciting fabric arrivals!