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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mr. B....

Well...I got to enjoy a short week! Closed on Monday and then Harriet graciously came in around 11:00 this morning so I could go to Kenmore to my grandson, Benson's 5th birthday party! There was lots of fun to be had. Got there around 1:00, gave Mr. B (Benson) and his brother, Lukas some Grandma hugs, and then helped my daughter, Lydia put the finishing touches on lots of party fun - I got to tint some water blue, so the party-goers could make a "universe in a jar"! (Sounds like something a teacher might plan, doesn't it?) He had lots of fun opening his gifts, as you can see by the picture.

During this short week at the store, we managed to get almost all of our Shop Hop fabric cut for the block kits. And the passports came in and we've gotten those copied and started handing them out. More folks came in to pre-order their fabrics. I need to get busy in the next couple of days and write out the directions and test them. Then it's bag stuffing and getting the place spiffed up for "company"!

We also got a few new fabrics this week, as well. Most of our order came in of the new Debbie Beaves line "Violetta". It is beautiful. We got some alligators (or crocs - not sure!). And some potato chips, although, you could use them for rocks in a pinch! I brought home some of the cat tapestry print to work on a "knitting bag" for a sample.

Well, I am tired from the drive back and forth today. No laundry tonight! I'm looking forward to a relaxing Sunday - maybe a few groceries, plant a few things and of course, catch up on my laundry! Hope you all have a glorious Sunday!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day...

Happy Memorial Day to all of you! What a change in the weather today....good thing I did a few things outside yesterday besides just sitting and enjoying the weather. So, I'm doing some "inside" stuff today - like cleaning and "de-cluttering" as I call it!

I'm also playing around with one of the four sections of a panel we got last week called "A Wing and a Prayer". My mom said she liked this one the best (23rd Psalm), so I thought I'd make a sample for the shop and then she can have it for her bedroom! So, this is a picture of it in process. Tracey found the perfect Fairy Frost for a border and we thought it looked good just like that, with no fancy piecing or anything. I was marking the lines for quilting, but my blue air erase pen was a dud, so I used a fabric lead. But, since I'm not the best at this artistic thing, I had to change it a few times before I got it kind of okay. But then I had to get rid of the old marks. This picture is of it drying out before I sew the binding on. Oh, and of course, I found the good blue water erase pen after I was done! Bet that doesn't happen to you, does it?

Off to do more de-cluttering and maybe buy a plant or two for some pots? Hope you have a restful, fun day!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Whew...guess I didn't realize how tired I was from the last couple of weeks until the end of this week rolled around! Quilt Market was a lot of fun and excitement, but included a couple of long drives and working about 10 days in a row. The "vintage" me is feeling it tonight!

Today was fun at Fab-Etc, though. the third class for Jan's "Wildberry Vines" was this morning and it was quiet for a while, so I got to sit in for the fun and Joanie's scones - yum!! Each of their quilts is different because of their fabric choices and each is fantastically beautiful. I was playing with a pattern we picked up at Quilt Market that is done by hand using the Promise Stitch - it is truly relaxing. Jan and I thought we'd pass it around at the next Tea Party on June 4th so everybody could play with it.
Then in the afternoon, NoraJean came to use the larger table and start quilting a special project she's working on as a gift. Here's a picture of her hard at work. She is using the "Puzzle Box" pattern and some poppy fabric she had.

While she was working on that, I set up my machine and quilted some antennae onto our Shop Hop block. Here's a picture. It's coming up pretty soon, you know! We have posters and fabric for pre-order, and we'll have the passports ready for pick up next week - the masters arrived in the mail today!

Hope you get a chance to enjoy some "down time" over the long weekend. I'm looking forward to playing with some flowers and just sitting....and of course catching up on my laundry!

More news from Fab-Etc soon.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Quilt Market Day Three....

Quilt Market has come and gone! Day Three found me feeling more than a bit under the weather....either something I ate, too much heat, but never too much fabric and other fun! So, I kind of made my way through the final day on about 1/2 power. It was still good, though. Jan led me around to most of the places we still wanted to see. And I made it home to my own bed for a better night's rest.

I'm showing you all a picture of our black and white Log Cabin quilt. We were honored to have it hanging in the Featherweight booth with Dave and Sharon! WOW!! It even had a sign with our name. Don't forget that Dave will be here in July for the Featherweight RX class - there are only a couple of spots left, so let us know if you're interested.

The other picture is for our Tracey. She couldn't come to Market with us due to a family commitment. She LOVES Kansas Troubles fabrics. We got to chat with the designer and then take this picture of the sign - we missed you, Tracey. (She did tell us that she got to eat an original Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich at a famous restaurant featured on the Food Channel, though!)

Jan and I got to chat with Eleanor Burns...yes, really! She signed a book for each of us. It was very cool. We told her how we used a lot from her Grandmother's Garden book for our Garden Stroll Quilt. And Jan told her that she saved her life by inventing the wonderful Flying Geese rulers. I picked up the newest mini set of rulers, too. Jan also spoke briefly with Nancy Zieman...she was having soooo much fun rubbing shoulders with all of the celebrities!

So ends our Quilt Market adventure! We brought home loads of brochures to pour over and some fun patterns and ideas. Got to run - yup, of course I have laundry to do after my trip!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Quilt Market Day Two....

I slept pretty well last night and was ready to hit the Convention Center when it opened at 9:30 this morning! This first picture is of the Convention Center. Aren’t those spires cool? It really is a beautiful facility.

I tried to start at the beginning and work my way through the many aisles of booths before my first appointment. There were more things in the first ½ hour that I wanted to do than I would have time for in the first ½ of the year!! Jan called and we met up before my first appointment with E.E. Schenck Co. who distributes for many different fabric lines, including their own “in house” line of Maywood Studio. It was a real treat for me, because we got to work with Marcia, who was their rep for our territory when we first opened 11 years ago. We had fun catching up and I ordered some pretty cool fabrics too!

I thought that all of that excitement deserved lunch, so Jan and I had a delightful lunch at Burgerville, a few blocks away. (See picture!) They had fun 50’s music that we sang along to as we showed each other some of the exciting brochures we had picked up along the way!

Then it was back to the fabric buying business full force. We saw some wonderful prints from Blank and Robert Kaufman, picked up some patterns that we think you’ll like and have a list of things to look at tomorrow before I head home.

The day ended with a visit to the E.E. Schenck Open House. We had a fun time with the groups form Tangled Threads and Folktales. It was still really warm down here, and even warmer in their warehouse! So, I headed back to the hotel for the evening.

I’ll try and upload this tonight and get ready for another day of fabric fun on Sunday before I hit I-5 for that long drive back!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Quilt Market Day One.....

The day started pretty early for me - woke up about 5 am and got up about 5:30. John was going to go with me to Quilt Market, but ended up having to work. He did wash the Mustang this morning before I left, though! It was looking good!! Got the last few things packed, went over to the shop and left things for Harriet, and then hit I-5. Traffic really wasn't too bad. Had the top down on the car from the time I left...a sweatshirt for the first leg of the journey!

My first stop was Crystal Springs Elementary in Bothell, where my daughter, Lydia is the Reading Specialist. We made a quick run to Starbucks on her break and had a short visit. It was wonderful. Hoping to stop again Sunday on my way back and see her and my 2 grandsons as well.

It was warming up by then, so ditched the sweatshirt. The rest of the trip was long....traffic not too bad, but getting pretty warm - especially in Kelso for a rest stop and Vancouver for gas! Then, over the bridge to Portland! (Don't you just love that sign halfway over the Columbia, where it says Welcome to Oregon - right over the water!?!)

I know...enough of the itinerary...what about the "stuff" at market? Well, it was after 3:00 by the time I actually got going the right way on the one way streets in Portland and managed to get into the parking lot of the hotel and check in. I also had a serious case of "hat hair" from the trip down. A quick fix of that and then it was a short walk from the hotel to the Oregon Convention Center. Cell phones are great - I managed to locate Jan and Carol (from Tangled Threads) and we walked a few of the rows of vendors together. There were such fantastic things available and soooo much to see! Most of them do not have a problem with you taking pictures. See me taking a picture of Jan taking a picture? We thought Tracey would have loved these projects. They would be great in our KT (Kansas Troubles) fabrics!

The other picture is just one of the rows, and it was the end of the day, so not very crowded. Tonight, I was pretty pooped, so went back here to put this up and rest up for tomorrow. Have quite a few appointments, and a lot more rows to see!

More tomorrow, if I can get this thing connected again!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day...

Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday and Mother's Day yesterday! My 89 year old Mom came over for my "pretend" salmon fettuccine (I kind of make it up as I go along!) We visited and ate too much, of course. It was a very nice day.

Today, Dallas and her mom, Melinda, came to visit us. For Mother's Day, Melinda got the "gift" of coming to Fabric-Etc. They came up from Issaquah. They rode the train here and then rented this scooter you see them on in Fairhaven and spent some of the afternoon shopping with us. I was humbled when Melinda told me she wished for a fabric store like this where she lives. I had to document their departure with these pictures! Looked like one of those wonderful mother/daughter fun times that we all get to talk about for the rest of our lives. You know the kind - can you believe that we did.....?!?!?! Thanks you two for letting us share in your Mother's Day. Hope you had a safe and fun trip back home!

Only 4 days until I leave for Quilt Market in Portland! I'm planning to take off Friday morning, hopefully stop in Bothell to buy my daughter a cup of coffee if she can get away from her job as the Reading Specialist at her school, and then work my way to Portland. Hoping to get there in time to check into the hotel and make it onto the floor before it closes on Friday. And in a bonus, last night I was able to find a room at one of the hotels just a block or two from the Oregon Convention Center...walking distance and still enough time to cancel the other reservation! Hoping to have a fast enough connection to be able to put some pics up on the blog while I'm gone!

Got to run...doing laundry. Have a great evening!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Promised pictures....

I remembered! Here are the two pictures I promised from yesterday's post. The first is obviously the Shop Hop poster. Emily worked with us today, so she carefully rolled the posters and put them in plastic sleeves for you. I am going to try and finish our block for the shop over the weekend, so you can see it in person when you come in.

The next picture is the one I promised of Velina's backpack. She calls this one her "Designer Backpack". She made other ones for her daughter and her daughter's friend in cotton. (I think we may be able to convince her to teach this as a class, so stay tuned!)

Believe it or not, no new fabric came today. Tracey got the stopper and outer borders on the quilt we will do as a block of the month starting in a month or so. Nikki from The Country Quilter will pick it up Monday to quilt - we are all so excited! Tracey did a beautiful job on it. As I said before, our Emily worked today. We worked some on our Fat Tuesday boxes and she cut panels, folded and priced them. She started learning how to ring in the register, too. She's a very fast learner and a really hard worker....we love her already and know that you will too!
Hope you have a glorious Saturday!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Shop Hop Posters...

No pictures....sorry, it was pretty busy at the store today and I forgot. But, I thought you would want to know that the Shop Hop posters arrived today! The blocks look fantastic. Posters are $5.99 each. Stop by and take a look if you get a chance. I'll take a picture tomorrow and put it up, but you probably won't be able to see much detail.

Not too much else to report on. Chinese Lanterns Part I was good today. Velina is going to schedule a new class in June, "Quilters Wallet". Sample looks great. And you have to see the fantastic backpack she made using the Cindy Taylor Oates "Backpacks" book and one of our faux suedes! I need a picture of that too. If you come in, remind me to take some pictures already!!!

Well, it's still early. I may get brave and go down to my sewing room and try and do some cleaning so I can maybe start a project? Lately, I just walk in and turn around because of the disarray. (Disarray - that makes it sound a little better than saying it's just a big fat mess down there!)

Tomorrow will be 4-H and Tracey, Emily and I will be working on tidying and possibly starting to cut for Shop Hop. Next week, Shop Hop Block Kits full steam ahead!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tea Party Day....

The first Wednesday of the month is Tea Party Day at Fabric-Etc. We had a wonderful time today with lots of "party" goers! People came and went and feasted on Jan's scones, our other goodies, and tea, of course. There were lots of laughs, some "show and tell" and great conversations and ideas shared. We received the new "Quilt Sampler" magazine today, so we all were glancing at some of the stores featured and the interesting quilts. Another tea party on June 4th, so mark your calendars!

I forgot that I promised the pictures of the darling skirts Harriet made from the "Quilts and More" magazine. So here they are. She said they are so simple to make. They just take two fabrics and some elastic and next thing you know, you have a cute skirt for a little girl in your life. (And of course, she has four granddaughters in her life!) I'm not sure, but I think the sizes go all the way up to about an 8-10? Plus, that's only one of the great ideas in this issue of the magazine.

The rest of the week will be busy. Tomorrow, Diane has her "Chinese Lanterns" class. Then on Friday afternoon, the 4-H group meets here. Saturday, Velina is teaching a serger PJ class. Lots of fun! Tomorrow we'll be cleaning things up and getting ready to start cutting our Shop Hop blocks. More reports headed your way soon about new "stuff" as it arrives!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday, Monday....

It's Monday! I was supposed to go to a meeting of the Tri-County Quilt Merchants' Association today in Stanwood. It was to be a salad potluck dinner, so I made my large bowl of Tortellini Salad to take. And...I had possession of the convertible, in hopes of sunshine! But, guess too many of the members couldn't attend, so it was cancelled. I put the top down on the way home from the shop - less than a mile - it was nice, but not quite the same as cruising down I-5. Can you guess what John and I had for dinner? Oh well, it was Monday, after all.

But, today we got fabric! The new Benartex's "Twelve Days of Christmas" from Nancy Halvorsen. It has a very cute panel and 7 or 8 coordinates. And from Moda, there was a great "girlie" fabric from the Simplicity line. It's kind of an aqua color with ruffles, pin tucks and ric rac! And I worked on making a Shop Hop block for the store and trying to figure out the best cutting strategy for all of those Shop Hop block kits we need to make in the next month!

Harriet came in for a while this afternoon. She was going to close tonight so I could go to the meeting, but came anyway. And look what she brought with her! How darling is this apron made from the "Little Retro Aprons for Kids" book by Cindy Taylor-Oates? She says she needs to make more for her granddaughters! We played with more combinations for some of the different patterns in the book. She put together some pillowcase kits too. She has a special way of folding them that none of us seem to be able to duplicate!

So, that was my Monday. Tomorrow, Jan will be back on the job and we'll be playing with fabric and planning our monthly Tea Party for Wednesday! I get to use the new spoons I got for my birthday - I'm excited. If you're not busy, pop in for some scones and laughs! Tomorrow, pictures of little girl skirts made from the new "Quilts and More" magazine. Who has more fun than we do?!?

Friday, May 2, 2008

Bag It...Part II....

Yesterday, Velina taught the second part of the class for the "Diva Essential Designer Bag". Once again, these bags were fantastic! These guys were the maiden voyage of this class...and they all did great. I got a few pictures, but will have to add the other two later. This first one is a picture I took at the end of the class. Carole's is the one on the right. She used some great fabrics in blues and did some quilting with metallic threads. The one next to it in the black and white is Jo's. Can't tell if you can make it out, but she used one of our newer African prints of zebras for part of the bag. (She actually visited there a few months ago and climbed Kilimanjaro!) And in the first photo, you can kind of see the "original" bag Velina made in the background. The other picture is Diane's which is done in an older Laurel Burch fabric. She did some great quilting around the animals to make them "pop". The bag opens up and has a zipper the length of it, lots of great pockets, and can be worn as a backpack! Before you rush in for the pattern, wait a few days, because it's on order again!

Today was another day full of fabric here at Fab-Etc. We received the new Kansas Troubles line - Cranberry Wishes. It is a Christmas fabric, but only one bolt looks like Christmas. The rest is just beautiful KT! And the other group we got was a Thimbleberries one similar to the two holiday panels we had last year. Didn't have much time to "play" with it today, though, so more info to come.

Diane layered up a darling jungle panel so we can ask our Jan to quilt it when she gets back from her trip. Think she's reading this from afar? And today was the first day that our newest Team Fab-Etc member, Emily, worked. She is a fantastic young lady who's going to WCC. And she is a real worker, knowledgeable about sewing, catches on quickly and will be a wonderful asset to The Team! Hopefully, we didn't scare her off with any of our silliness! I am sooo fortunate to have the best employees anybody could ever ask for. Oh...and we got to see Alicia's new grandson, Gerrit. He is absolutely beautiful!

So, as you can see, we had just a wonderful day today here amongst the fabric. Have a lovely weekend!

P.S. Week II of seeing the top of my desk - I think it's becoming a habit. YES!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day...

Happy May Day to all of you! I just got an e-mail from an employee wishing me a Happy May Day. I wrote back and told her how my sister and I would pick the cherry blossoms from our tree in the front yard and put them on our neighbors' porches. We would ring the doorbell and run, and then try and hide to see the look on their faces! Gosh...that was half a century ago for this "vintage" gal.

Enough nostalgia...we got FABRIC today at Fab-Etc! I ordered the entire line of Laurel Burch's "Bountiful Blessings". Okay, you're right, it is a Christmas fabric, but it's still pretty cool. If/when any of my employees see this picture, they may want to sit down and cry. We just finished getting everything into the racks, with very few "leftovers" As you can see, this collection is sitting on the floor under the counter! Sorry, guys. We'll find a home for it soon, I promise!

And, we got this fabric as well today. It's from In the Beginning and is "XOXOXO, The Cat" The coordinates are great, but the one there with the writing is a real hoot! It's supposed to be notes from "THE CAT". You probably can't read them very well here, so I'll list a few: "Please take the kitten back wherever you found him. XOXOXO, The Cat" and "The new "special" diet does not meet with my approval and never will. XOXOXO, The Cat" and "Five o'clock in the morning is not too early for breakfast. XOXOXO The Cat" and "Please put away that suitcase. You are not going anywhere. XOXOXO, The Cat" Anyway, you get the idea - ever met a feline like that?

Well, true to form, I am doing at least one load of laundry while I do my other "stuff". Time to take it out of washer and put into the dryer. I have been fighting the idea that I have a cold, but losing the battle tonight. Think I'll finish that laundry, take "something" that promises relief for the night and head to bed soon. Hope you all are well and have a great Friday!