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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bag it....

Saturday was the Saunter Satchel class that Velina was teaching. Five gals and five fantastic bags! Here are four out of the five bags they made. One of the students had "Grandma babysitting duties", so we didn't get a picture of Alicia's before she left, but we'll add it later - ok? (Remember, you can "click" on the pictures and get an enlarged view!)

I'm going to start with a picture of the class. Then you'll see Clara's bag that she made using one of our wool fabrics and some great silver embellishing! That is one of the fun things Velina does with this class. She brings her boxes of wonderful embellishing threads and generously lets her students have a good time playing with the bag as a "canvas" for embellishment!

The next one here is Karen's - don't you love the way the blue just sets off the print? I'll apologize right now for the quality of these pictures. The bags look better in person! And I'm not sure if you can tell, but they have handles and a tubular frame that opens.

After Karen's is Linda's. She claims to be our beginner sewer, but she's going to have a hard time convincing anyone of that after she shows them this great bag she made! I'm not sure if she's going to keep it, or give it to some fortunate person!
And then, here's Carolyn's - just replaced the picture (Tuesday night) - hope this is a better one! She did a great job and had some fun as you can see with some embellishing threads she picked up at Sew Expo.

So...that was a very fun day at Fab-Etc. Like we say - "Our classes are FUN!" Stay tuned for more fabric fun too! Who knows what great things may arrive via UPS or FedEx tomorrow!?!
Yes, you can still see the top of my desk! How many days does it take to make a new "habit"?

Friday, April 25, 2008

More Fabric Fun...

There was more "fabric fun" today at Fabric-Etc than we could hardly stand! Harriet and I moved LOTS of bolts of fabric around today. I inadvertently created the "redo map" so the bolts went in circles on a couple of the moves, which makes the process a lot easier. The flannels went where the animals/horses/cowboys/sports/music were and then those guys went where the batiks were and the batiks completed the circle by going where the flannels used to live! There was another circle after that and then just down and dirty moving around bolts! Anyway...it still looks a little disorganized, but we're getting there. This afternoon, Tracey came and met Nikki aka The Country Quilter to talk about how she wanted one of her gorgeous quilts quilted. Tracey says she'll need a map now to find everything! (But we didn't move her beloved Kansas Troubles anywhere.)

Then, in the afternoon, the 4-H group met. They have such great leaders and the kids really get to sew and have fun! One of the gals finished a fabulous pleated mini skirt today in red.

After that, Brianna (that's her in the picture) came in to share her Senior Project with me! Her project was to learn to sew children's clothes that she is then donating to a charitable organization. We helped a bit with the supplies. Didn't she do a fantastic job? Some little girl will love this skirt!
New fabric? Yes, we have some! That was part of the mission of the move today. We needed room for some of the new stuff. There are a few bolts of the new Amy Butler line, and yes, you did see some Christmas fabric, but we put it in kind of an unobtrusive place. I have to tell you that I did get enough snowman flannel for jammies for my two grandsons for Christmas - they are too little to read my blog yet, so I think I am safe putting this in cyberspace!
Speaking of which...they are coming for a quick visit on Sunday! I am so excited to see them. And this picture is the other thing I will hopefully be doing this Sunday. My poor pots on the "patio" (we use that term loosely) are soooo sad. This was one lone viola that I took a picture of this morning....he needs my help badly to survive! Maybe Lukas and Benson would like to help Grandma outside if the weather is nice? Maybe...

Hope your weekend is wonderful! Enjoy the sunshine!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Saturday @ Fab-Etc...

So, Saturday was the last day of our Spring Cleaning Sale. The day started out with the monthly meeting of the Swallowtail Stitchers - the local chapter of The Applique Society (TAS). Here's a picture of Pat Shaw, who leads the group, and a couple of other members. They meet at Fabric-Etc on the third Saturday of the month. The group has decided to create a quilt to raffle for the local Laurendeau Foundation. Their applique work is stunning on the project - watch for tickets to go on sale!

In the afternoon, Jan taught the second installment of "Wildberry Vines". This is her "girlie quilt". Every one in the class is doing it using different fabric choices - they are all gorgeous! There is both piecing and applique in the quilt. Our Tracey is one of the students in the class, and yesterday (Sunday) was her birthday. So....in between customers and setting up for class, Harriet, Linda and I tried to secretly get ready to do a Fab-Etc celebration for her birthday. We decided it should be a purple theme (to match her cool purple featherweight!) We had purple writing on the cake Jan picked up, purple Hershey kisses, a purple tiara and pinwheel-sceptre! Isn't this a great picture? It was loads of fun!
Well, today it was back to "business as usual". Linda and I started trying to clean up after the sale. We were moving a bit slowly! Got some notions today, but no fabric. In the next week, we will be changing things around in the shop - giving fabrics new homes, just to confuse ourselves! (It's so fun to be vintage.) Will check in soon with any new stuff. Hope your week is FABULOUS, as Tony, my old boss at Fabricland would say!
P.S. I can still see the top of my desk!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Clean Desk....

Day Four of the Annual Spring Cleaning Sale and look - you can still see the surface of my desk!! Can she keep it up, or will the clutter monster return? Only time will tell.

We have been having a great week of cleaning so far. Today, Harriet got really down and dirty - literally. She crawled around on her hands and knees in the "quiet" moments of the day cleaning the shelves off under the counter. (I think she was afraid I would get down there and really be in trouble from my aching back/leg problem!) In fact, Diane and I threatened to tie her to a chair to get her to stop and eat lunch! I went through some more of the fabric "leftovers" putting them in bags and rolling up some 99 cent goodies for the bin. Lots of them have disappeared already. Don't tell Tracey, but the Kansas Troubles (or KT, as we affectionately call them) shelves are looking very bare - yikes!

I have to confess that part of our cleaning has been to find those really cute "I'm still shopping at Fabric-Etc" signs that I made last year. They are MIA! The more we clean, the more I am afraid that they are lost in my sewing room somewhere....then I will have to do Spring cleaning down there too! Maybe we'll find them tomorrow?

Hope your week is a good one...stop by if you're in the neighborhood and maybe we'll show you a clean counter or something!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring Cleaning....

So, we are going to have our Annual Spring Cleaning Sale at Fabric-Etc next week. It's a whole week of trying to make a lot of room for our new fabric and giving the customers a chance to get some great deals on our samples and "leftovers" that just need to go to a good home! All of the fabric is 25% off from April 14th-19th and there is a huge rack of 50% off quilting cottons. Jan and Harriet came in this afternoon and we got some of the sale ready and then tomorrow, I will work on the rest of it. Always a great week with lots of fun!
And right about now you are saying, so what does a picture of the knobs on Carol's stove have to do with the Fabric-Etc Spring Cleaning Sale?!? Well, last night I was washing clothes in the basement (seems like I am always washing or about to wash something when I write these blog posts, doesn't it?) As some of you know, I have a back/spine "problem" and I've been trying to be a good girl and not climb lots of stairs, etc. Anyway...I was hanging out in the kitchen waiting for the laundry to be done, so I started cleaning the stove - you know, really cleaning it! I took the knobs off for the four burners and cleaned really well under them, cleaned the knobs, and around the clock too. Well, that looked really good, the laundry wasn't done yet, so took off the knobs for setting the oven and the oven temperature knob. Cleaned the face plate and then cleaned the knobs, like the others. Well....oven setting knobs (on,off,etc) turned out fine like the burner knobs. BUT almost all of the numbers (temperature settings) came off of the other knob!!! Can you see that in the picture? After 60 years (50 of which using ovens), I guess I can probably figure it out fairly accurately until I can get a replacement. Sounds like a great excuse not to cook and do any more Spring Cleaning at home, though!
Have a GREAT weekend...hopefully more sun tomorrow?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A new project...

The last few months have been pretty much a whirlwind it seems...Anniversary Sale, Fat Tuesday, end of year tax stuff, class schedules, newsletters, Garden Stroll. I know things have been getting accomplished, but I don't feel like I am finishing anything! So, Friday I cut a fat quarter of this "cheater"fabric, cut a bit of the gold and floral coordinates, found a remnant of batting in our box and brought it home. While I was doing the laundry (next to my sewing area) I cut a center, added an accent piece and borders, layered and pinned it, quilted the middle part. And today the plan is to finish the quilting, add binding and I will have finished something! Hooray!! I'm putting a picture of it in progress here.

The sun is trying to come out at my house, so I may go play with my poor flower pots that are in serious need of something. Then, meatloaf, baked potatoes (maybe twice-baked?) and Caesar salad for dinner - yum, plus meatloaf sandwiches for lunch this week! Hope your Sunday is glorious.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Fun Flamingos

Sorry I haven't posted in a while...still recovering from the "Stroll" I guess. We've had a fun week here at Fab-Etc. Folks coming in to see our Garden Stroll quilt. Workshops are just about full for "Flower Fun" next week.

I'm looking forward to our Tri-County Quilt Merchants Assoc. post-event meeting next Monday in Stanwood. Everybody is supposed to be bringing their quilts, plus I get to see the new home of Cotton Pickins. Heard it was wonderful! Can't wait to see the other quilts - I've only seen them in pictures. And, since I am closer to Kenmore than usual, and my daughter is off from school this week, I might just have to go and visit while Harriet and Linda hold down the fort! If any of you have something you'd like to say about the event, please either drop off one of the surveys at your local shop, or shoot me a quick e-mail and I'll pass it on.

Okay, we got new fabric this week! Some fun novelty prints, including this great flamingo one that I pictured here. (You can see it better if you "click" on the picture!) You just have to come in and see it in person - the guy on the choper with the wing tattoo is great! And the little drinks with umbrellas on the pink are great. We are thinking apron, don't you think so too?

Of course, one of the most important things to some of us around here is that the 12 bolts of the new Kansas Troubles line "Garden Inspiration" arrived today! We got some Jelly Rolls as well as some "Layer Cakes", which are 10" (I think) squares of each one in the line. I left them in the box until Tracey could get there and unwrap and fondle each one as she put them in their home! (She and I both LOVE Kansas Troubles!)

So, that's about it from here - laundry going, maybe a quick project to play with while I am doing the laundry, bed and then it's Saturday at Fab-Etc! Velina is teaching the Professional Tote class tomorrow. It's always a fun class!

Have a GREAT weekend!