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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day Postcards...

Well, the Fabric-Etc's 2nd Anniversary Sale is officially over. I decided this week that instead of saying that I am "older than dirt", I would start saying that I am "vintage"! The word vintage sounds so cool and kind of "now", don't you think? However, being "vintage" as I am and just finishing a long week and 3 day sale - I am quite vintagely tired! The sale was really lots of fun and we got to see so many of our great customers and it didn't even snow at the store, although I heard from a few of you that it snowed in other places around the county today.

As I said in my last post, Jan and I played with making postcards from our fabric postcard panels the day before the sale. Here's a picture of just a few of the postcards available. We also have a free handout on making fabric postcards if you're interested. Or you can just fuse these to card stock and give them that way, or you might have even a better idea? We sure had fun making them!

So what's next? I am so excited about moving a few things around at the store! We've been kicking some ideas around for the last week or so, and can't wait to make the changes. I guess that means you're officially warned - you might just come in and find things in kind of a mess, or come in and not find what you saw last week in the same spot! The important thing though, is that you do come in and see us and the changes happening! See you soon!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"No Sweat Sweatshirt"

Here are the pictures I talked about of one of the jackets Martha brought with her this weekend for the class she's going to teach next month. They are very cool, and one of them uses lots of the fabrics from one of my favorite groups in the past few months - April Cornell's "Decadent Victorian" from Moda Fabrics. Martha has a way to use the sweatshirt as a canvas for piecing. I guess you take an ordinary sweatshirt apart, create a front opening, embellish it with fabric and then put it back together to get a fantastic jacket! She's one talented lady! The class is scheduled for Saturday, February 23rd and still has a few openings.

What's happening at Fab-Etc these days? Of course, the Anniversary Sale is happening this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And Tracey and I will be there until 8:00 Thursday night to make it more convenient for those of you who can't make it in during the day! I keep looking at the weather forecast and trying to find the humor in the fact that it looks like it might snow again this year. Last year it was a real Northeaster for the sale - 40 mph winds, temps around 20 degrees and about 6" of ice and snow in the parking lot! Oh well....if it snows, it snows - at least we'll be inside with all of that fabric to play with! Hope you can make it in for the sale.

I've been doing the January "try to clean things up and organize" routine. Got through a few boxes of "clutter" today - those ones that we say, "The class starts in an hour, we've got to get rid of this stuff. I know, throw it in this box!" Well, pretty soon, I've got these clutter boxes stacked up 6 deep and can't find anything I'm looking for! I did manage to sort through enough of them to find some important things - including the "Still Shopping" signs I made for our last sale - hooray! Now, I just need to find the time to slip some batting inside and add a backing to them!

Jan and I collaborated today on a cute fabric postcard panel we have for Valentine's Day. The postcards came out wonderfully, thanks to Jan! Pictures soon!

Be thinking hard now....no snow until after the sale - okay?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Four and twenty blackbirds....

I have a confession to make. I didn't really "get" this line of fabric until Marilyn came in with this VERY fun jacket she had made from our fabrics. She had bought the fabrics a week or so ago, and then she called the other day and asked if we had any of that "no calorie pie" fabric left. Well, of course we did!

Then she came by on Friday and showed us this great jacket she made to wear - made from those fabrics - "four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie"! The light finally came on and somebody was at home! I guess I was so fascinated with the blackbirds wearing high heels, that I never flashed on the nursery rhyme about the four and twenty blackbirds. Thanks, Marilyn!

We really thought you would like to see the pictures (with her permission, of course). Don't you just love the black and white polka dot lining?

Hope your Saturday was lots of fun. We didn't get any snow here, but quite a few of you from the north and east said that you got some! As most of you know from your postcard, my Anniversary Sale is coming up on Thursday the 24th-Saturday the 26th - Tracey and I are even going to be here until 8 pm on the 24th! Remember last year? 4" of snow in the parking lot...wind gusts at 4o mph and a wind chill around 10 degrees. I am hoping that this year won't be a repeat of that. Anniversary Sale? This is the big one - 25% off all fabrics and 20% off everything else! Hope you can make it.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend! Next up....Martha's great "No Sweat Sweatshirt Class"! You're going to like this.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Back to business....

Whew....my old laptop has been on "bed rest" since last week sometime! It decided it didn't want to fire up after its trip from home to the store and back one evening. Not a good thing. So, after we got it up and running at home and made sure we had backups of EVERYTHING, we put it on bed rest until its replacement arrived earlier this week. But now I am back in business and ready to catch up on my posts. I am going to play "catch up" in chronological order.

First, I promised a picture of Tracey's Amish quilt from the "Bits and Pieces" book. Isn't it wonderful? She hand quilted it, and as I said before, even cut her own stencil for the border design. It doesn't show up that great here - you'll have to stop by and see it at the store. (And did you know that you can "click" on any of the pictures in the blog and then see them lots bigger?!?) She kindly let me hang it here for a while. She taught her Beginning Paper Piecing class today - it was GREAT. I still have the sample for the class hanging on the design wall....maybe we could convince her to teach it again?

And next, is the Moda Valentine panel that Jan and I collaborated on. Isn't it bright and fun? Jan did all of the hard work of quilting, and I sewed the binding on. Wouldn't it look good hanging some place at your house or as a gift for someone to brighten up a spot for Valentine's Day? It's really pretty fast to do this way, or you could build around it and make it bigger if you'd like.

Okay...enough for today. Tomorrow, I'll have two great pictures of a very fun jacket that Marilyn made! And then we'll almost be caught up, at least until we get another project ready for the next picture. Hope you all have a great Saturday! We'll be hosting the Applique Society in the morning tomorrow, and then Jan's Beginning Needleturn Applique Class in the afternoon.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

More "Professional Totes"

Velina taught the very popular "Professional Tote" class again the last two Saturdays. We have yet to see a bag that we weren't thrilled with! I told the gals at the class that I would "blog" them with the pictures I took. Here they are! I'm not sure that we could convince Velina to teach the class again. But, wait until you see her newest bag - "Diva Essential Designer Bag". It is very cool - can be carried as a bag, or worn as a backpack. Pictures soon! There was already begging going on to teach that class from some of her students Saturday - we'll let you know the outcome!

I just finished sewing the binding on the Moda L-O-V-E banner that Jan was working on. No one sews on a better binding than Jan, but she was sick on Friday, so I couldn't get her to do it - rats! Harriet is going to be soooo proud of me, though. I matched the stripes on my bias binding! Now, I get to do the relaxing part of sitting in my favorite green chair with a needle and thread and stitching the binding to the back of the hanging for the next couple of evenings. What a perfect night. I'll put up a picture when it's all done - ok? Hope you got to do something fun today.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Learn to sew....

Do you remember when you learned to sew? I, of course, being "older than dirt" HAD to take sewing at H.F. Hunt Junior High School in Tacoma, WA. It is truly a miracle that any of us still wanted to sew after taking those classes! It wasn't really the teachers' faults - the machines were always in serious need of tension adjustment and the "projects" were usually less than interesting and not a great addition to the wardrobe - dirndl skirts?!?

But, I did get bit with the sewing bug. I remember coming home from Rhodes Dept. Store with a sweater I got on sale, a yard of wool fabric to match the sweater, pattern, zipper and lining and announcing to my mom that I was going to make a skirt. My mother, the saint, patiently helped me and I wore that skirt to school! And, as they say, the rest is history.

Fortunately today things are better. In fact the 4-H group met here at Fab-Etc today and there were at least 8 guys and gals having lots of fun with sewing machines! Their leaders, Joan Keiper and Marcia Leishman, find some great projects for them to do and the 4-H'ers learn sewing skills at the same time!

I'm putting up a picture of a "Learn To Sew" kit from Moda Fabrics. It comes in this darling tin with two very simple projects to make - sewing a pocket on a tote bag and finishing up the sides of the bag; and sewing pockets on an apron. (Linda added a cute potholder from the leftover pockets you get to choose from). You could add some thread, scissors, and a few other essentials to complete the picture. And...your budding young sewer gets to keep the tin! (I promised this one to Linda for making the samples for us).

Aren't you glad you got the chance to "learn to sew"? Hope you get time to sew this weekend!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

To tell the tooth....

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. To tell the tooth, I had an abscessed one! So, as of this afternoon, I am one tooth lighter and will soon be feeling a lot better with the help of a good dentist, some antibiotics and maybe a pain pill or two. But enough about me....how about some great fabric/sewing news?

I'm putting up a picture of the sample for Tracey's Beginning Foundation Paper Piecing Class. Isn't it darling? And wouldn't it be great for a Valentine's decoration? Anyway, the class is a week from Friday - January 18th from 10:30-1:00. There are still a couple of openings and the cost is $25, which includes the pattern and a kit to make a similar little wallhanging. Let Tracey share her enthusiasm and talent with you for the paper piecing method! Plus you'll finish something fun to use for Valentine's Day and throughout the year.

This week, Jan is going to quilt up a "chocolate and strawberry" Valentine LOVE hanging for us. It's from the Moda "Flirtations" line. I'll put up a picture when she's done! This would be a really quick project to finish and get up on the wall or on a table.
And, as promised, this is a picture of the latest little quilt I have been working on from the "Bits and Pieces" book using 30's reproduction prints. Just deciding how to quilt it. Handquilting would be fun, but maybe too time consuming?
More Fab-Etc fun soon.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Velina's Tote Bag

Yesterday, I promised a picture of Velina's tote bag, made with one of my favorite groups - Moda's "Decadent Victorian" by April Cornell. It has these fabulous deep plum colors and wonderful dots, florals, and a paisley and..... Can you tell I like it? Anyway, Velina bought one of the "1/2 yard Packs of Fun" we had and created this great tote bag using the "Cosmetic Clutch and Tote" pattern and the Ghee's 14" hex frame. She taught a class from this pattern before the holidays.

No new fabric came in today. Got some batting and Harriet helped me move some of the fabrics around. (Tracey, who only works every other Friday said she figured it was time to move fabric, because she finally knew where everything was! Sorry, Tracey. But we are doing it in stages, so that might help!)

Note: We got the Sew Expo tickets today. They are $9 in advance and $10 at the door. We hope to have them all the way through the event.

More from Fab-Etc soon!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of you - I already messed up a check and cannot remember what day of the week it is, so it must be 2008!! Hey, we managed to stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve, only to see the Space Needle fireworks malfunction. Hmmmm...I wonder if Bill Gates was watching?

We had our "first Wednesday of the month Tea Party" today. I am not good as a photographer - I always take the camera out and then forget to take the pictures! Next month maybe? We had a lovely time - Jan's fabulous scones, cookies, cheese, crackers, orange slices, lemon ring cake, tea and almost Ranch dressing!?! I made the Mock Devonshire Cream (yum) this morning before I left for work. Grabbed the bowl along with the half/half, cheese, etc. and headed out the door. 15 minutes before tea time, I went to put it in a pretty bowl with a little spoon. Opened the bowl only to find Ranch dressing! Oops! Fortunately, my husband was off work today and bailed me out. Cranberry/white chocolate scones with ranch dressing -NOT!

I have a couple of pictures to share with you. Our friend and customer, Drew, is teaching a class this winter through the Whatcom County Parks Dept at the Roeder Home on the "Pieces of Eight" vest. So, she came in and modeled the very cool one that she made for herself. Isn't it great? I don't have the dates for the class, but they should be available through the Roeder Home. We do have a few of the patterns at the shop.

Tomorrow - Velina's fantastic tote. Wait until you see this!