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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday with words.....

Friday, January 23, 2015

Blue Friday and Happy Friday.....

Well, this isn't a newsflash...the Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl next Sunday!  We've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the green fleece we used in our scarf kits and hallelujah it arrived this afternoon.  Harriet and I got busy and in between customers we cut the special orders we had for kits ~ and managed to sell 15-20 more while we were in the process of doing that!  The place is a mess, so I need to get there early tomorrow and do some tidying up and cut some green for more kits.  What a whirlwind of a day it's been.  

There have been a few fun things arriving in the last week, including a few bolts from the newest Kansas Troubles line, plus some charm packs.  We've also been REALLY busy cutting and packing up a few more boxes of fat quarters for Fat Tuesday.  That will be happening Tuesday, February 17th.  Customers have been having lots of fun shopping the Kaffe fabrics this week.  The new line doesn't ship until April, so I think I'm going to need to add some more bolts to that row pretty soon again.  I've received bills for some other fun fabrics that are due to arrive soon too, including a new coffee print.
Not only is it Blue Friday (Go Hawks!) today, but for our family, it's a happy Friday.  On day 36, our Lukas got to go home to Kenmore from Children's Hospital in Seattle today!  The Seahawks are not the only ones who do not give up....our daughter, Lydia, and his brother Benson are finally getting to spend the night together in their own house....and Steve the dog is pretty happy too.  Luke's got a long road ahead, but we never doubt the tenacity of that guy.  He's looking forward to having Christmas this Sunday....so Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

All boxed up....

There it is.....all of Fabric-Etc's 2014 *paper trail* in a box.  All of the daily receipts, cash register tapes, paid bills, payroll....all somewhat neatly tucked into that unassuming Office Depot paper box.  It'll be appropriately labeled and put in the attic with its brothers and sisters....with me hoping the powers that be never want to take a look at it  =)  It felt really good to get it done last week and now I am on to other *end of the year matters* that I'd like to get to my *end of the year guy* who does my taxes.  I do everything else for the year, but like to have someone else put their name with mine for the final breakdown!

Things are humming along at the shop.  The retired guy mentioned that I still have Christmas *stuff* behind the counter, but we're moving closer to fixing that.  New fabrics have come in and we're finding homes for them.  We are working hard on getting ready for Fat Tuesday on February 17th ~ which will be a fond memory just 5 weeks from today, but who's counting?!?  Jan started working on the Frozen book panel today and will likely finish it tomorrow.  The Sew Expo tickets arrived yesterday.  I have a sales rep coming in the morning to show me of all things Christmas 2015.....oh my.....

On a personal note....my apologies for my absence from blogging.  As many of you know, our 13 year old grandson Lukas, who has battled cancer for the last 11+ years, has been in ICU at Children's Hospital in Seattle for almost 4 weeks.  He developed a very severe infection following some surgery he had in late September.  After emergency surgery December 19th, he was totally unresponsive, in a coma and on a ventilator for 10 days.  He is now breathing on his own and healing very slowly.  We are so very grateful to the amazing doctors and nurses at the hospital.  He has a long road ahead to get to come home.  Our daughter and Luke's brother, Benson, are just as courageous and as much fighters as our Lukas.  We covet your thoughts and prayers at this time for them.  Our daughter has always wanted everything to be *as normal as possible* since Luke's diagnosis....so Grandma Carol goes to her shop and tries to keep things *normal* during an abnormal time.  Thank you for your patience lately as I am probably going to continue to be slow at getting to some things like scheduling classes and blogging.  I so appreciate your understanding and concern.  Which leads me to say once again....and for that, I am as always.....sew thankful.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Fabric Sale.....

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Stick pins.....

These are wonderful things for you or one of your sewing buddies to stick pins into!  They are made by Sandy, a local artisan, and we are privileged to carry
them at the shop.  She searches out some of the most fun containers for her handmade pin cushions....I confess to having at least 3 of them!  This picture is from last year, I think....the one I took tonight just didn't turn out very well, but we have very similar ones this year.  Sew, that's our offering for today's gift idea.  We have quite a few still in stock for the holidays.

It was another fun day at the shop....lots of shoppers and a fun meeting of the Applique Society.  Harriet and I kept busy all day making a few more scarf kits and waiting on customers.  Hoping your weekend is a pleasant one....hold your family and loved ones close this season.  

Friday, December 19, 2014

With a little help from a friend......

No....not a Beatles' song....one of these stilettos can be your friend!  Actually, they could be your friend in a couple of ways.  Need a quick gift?  One of these beaded guys would be welcomed by any of your sewing buddies.  And I can hear some of you saying right now...."and just what do you do with a beaded stiletto?"  Well, you know when you're trying to keep the last inch of those seam allowances together as it slides under the presser foot?  Use this to secure it in place so it won't get away from you!  Or, you can hold an edge under while you press it in place and not burn your finger! And hey, it's pretty!! You might even need one of these for your sewing basket too!

Well, it got a wee bit quieter today.  Alicia and I managed to get a few things accomplished.  But, then the UPS truck pulled up late tonight and I have a couple of boxes to deal with first thing in the morning!  Tomorrow will be the last meeting of the year for The Applique Society, so we managed to get that set up before Alicia left.  Seahawk scarf and pillowcase kits are still the hot selling item of the season.....fussy cutting some more fleece after I post this!  How are your preparations for any holiday festivities coming?  Our family is having a pretty low key year....in fact I'm having a hard time not feeling like I NEED to be doing *something* right now.  Of course, the retired guy would probably like it if I'd make those snowball cookies he loves...... 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's in the bag.....

Here's another idea I keep forgetting to point out to folks when they come in looking for an easy gift.  These *Fabric Enabler* bags would make a great present ~ filled would be nice, but they're a lot of fun just as they are.  Each side has different sayings and they are made of a sturdy material, so they'd hold yards of fabric  =)  And, since we are *bagless in Bellingham* they're ever so useful!  Forgot to look at price, but pretty sure they're $9.50....definitely under $10.  Last time we had these, they didn't last long and couldn't get them again.  So, I bought plenty this time!

We had a fun morning at the shop.  Linda's birthday was Monday, so we celebrated in between customers with some pizza and laughs!!  Her daughter, Sharie even popped in for the festivities.  Have I told you how very much I adore my staff?!?  They are hands down THE BEST!!  Things were really hopping there when I left to take the rest of the afternoon off....lots of happy customers still doing fun things for gifts or *just because*.   Well, I have some *just because* laundry to do, so I'm off to the basement!  Hope it's a Thrilling Thursday for you!