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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Last Saturday, I got the idea that we should try out a Seahawks pillowcase.  Jan got busy cutting and then I went home and sewed one up.  Of course, we were all pretty disappointed when they lost Sunday  =(   On Monday, Diane helped me bag all of what Jan cut up into pillowcase kits. Sew.....I am thinking, buy a pillowcase kit; make one up; and then dream of a Seahawks win this Sunday ~ okay?!?  We have a limited number of kits available, but there's still lots of cotton yardage left, plus we also have some fleece in two prints!  I am just finishing up four of these pillowcases to take to our four grandkids this weekend when we celebrate our youngest grandson's birthday....hope they like them!

Whew....I thought yesterday was a busy day!  We were just super busy all day today.  (Don't get me wrong, I am certainly not complaining about having lots of customers!)  Jan and I got most everything tidied up again by the end of the day.  We did get some fabulous new batiks today designed by Jinny Beyer.  Tomorrow, Harriet and I will get out the Bonnie's Team quilts and start putting tags on them so they will be ready to hang on Monday morning (or maybe Sunday afternoon if I can get the retired guy to give me a hand?)  If you took batting and backing, we'd like to have your quilt back by Saturday, so we can hang it next week.  I think the quilts you guys bring back just get better every single year ~ thank you so very much for your generosity!

Okay, my laundry is about ready for the dryer.  Oh....and don't forget that the Lynden Antique and Craft Fair starts tomorrow at the fairgrounds.  Be sure to stop at Tracey and her mom Sandy's booth and say hi!  Sandy is the designer of those fabulous pincushions we have at the shop. Have a wonderful Thursday! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bluebird of happiness.....

This is one of the other smaller projects I told you about.  I know many of you have seen the ads in the magazines for this panel and have asked about it.  Well, it's arrived and Diane made up this little hanging with it and Tracey did wonders on her longarm to make it even more fabulous!  There are some beautiful coordinates that came along with it as well.  This would be a quick and easy project for a lover of bluebirds....doesn't it just make you happy looking at it?!?

Whew.....I am telling you that it has been a day today!  It started with the *crew* (Harriet, Linda and Jan) arriving early and ready to move some fabric this morning .  Then, Diane had her Lemoyne Star Ruler class all day today with a full classroom.  We aren't trying to confuse you, but we did move a lot of fabric around to new homes.  It was just *time* for this!  It never fails that when we plan to do something major like this, we're always really busy with customers.  But our customers are just the most understanding and patient folks.  They worked their way around a few stacks of fabric and managed to find what they wanted and still be happy!  And amazingly, thanks to some wonders that the retired guy helped with (a few extra shelves) and to the wonders of the *crew* we managed to get it all in the racks with not much leftover!  Now, to remember where everything is  =)

Okay, as you can imagine, I am pooped tonight.  So I think I'll find my chair and put my feet up for a few minutes.  How about you!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What a doll......

You might remember I mentioned that we got some new doll clothes panels in last week?  Well, Jan got busy yesterday and today and put together this one from Riley Blake.  Is it just too cute for words, plus we have a second panel of the same outfit that comes in another colorway.  Jan finished it right before quitting time today.  We couldn't wait to get our doll out from the back room where she's been languishing waiting for new clothes to come in!  She looks stunning, but what you cannot see is that she's barefoot....Alicia isn't going to like that, so I need to see if I can order her some appropriate shoes  =)

Other than that, I did manage to get the kits all put together for the Falling Leaves project I showed you last time....even had a customer come straight in after she saw it online to buy it today!  Jan got one too and has already got it nearly done.  I'm sewing binding on the other project Tracey quilted for us and enjoying having something to sew in the evenings so I can put my feet up and relax.  I am still *mulling* the fabric re-do but not making a lot of progress....something needs to give soon, though cuz I need to get this done!  (Don't worry, it won't be one of those HUGE rearranges so neither you nor I can find anything!)  I'm taking the afternoon off tomorrow, so maybe that will help?!?  What sort of plans do you have for tomorrow?  Whatever they are, I hope you have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Falling Leaves.....

Remember how I mentioned a couple of smaller projects we've been working on?  Well, I finished the binding and hanging sleeve on this one last night during the Seahawks game (what was with all of those penalties, anyway?!?)  I digress.....Diane and I collaborated on the leaves, but she worked her magic with the applique.  It's a really easy peasy project ~ the background is that glorious piece of fabric and you *build* the leaves to put down on it!   And even though I could have quilted it myself, you'd still be waiting to see it when the Spring flowers were coming up!  Sew, I gave it along with the other project to Tracey who made it look fabulous.  We just hung it up this morning, and I took a break from cutting kits for it.  We have yardage, a few patterns and we'll hopefully have kits by the end of the day!

What else is happening around here?  Well, we have gotten in a few doll clothes panels ~ from Riley Blake and Andover.  Jan is cutting and getting ready to start on one of the Riley Blake ones as I type.  (She's going to get a granddaughter for Christmas this year!!)  They are sized to fit 18" dolls ~ American Girl size.  Since I have three year old Miss Ellie, I think I better get in on this action too and work on one of the others.  

All right.....I am going back to cutting kits.  Hope you are having a terrific Tuesday!!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

October Whatnots......

OMG.....we had a crowd in the classroom area today!  Most of you reading this know what size of an area that is.  Well.....we squeezed about 20 happy folks in there this morning to see Sharon's tips and hints to make the second Whatnots quilt.  You can kind of see it on the design wall off to the left....it's the Idaho Lily. Sorry....I forgot to get a good picture before she took it home to finish it.  Isn't it super!?!  Sharon had some wonderful tips to share today to help these folks with this next project.  I had emailed and asked them to bring show and tell from last month's project.  A couple of them forget, but here are pictures of finished, or mostly finished quilts from the first month.  One even has its label on!  It has been a really fun adventure so far.  This group is full, but we'll be doing Whatnots 2 in March ~ another 6 month adventure!

Right now, Diane is teaching her Beginning Quilting class.  They are at the border stage and these gals have just excelled in their workmanship!  It's so fun to see them *catch the bug* and want to do more and more.

What else has been happening?  Well, I just got two small projects back from Tracey who worked her magic and made them look fabulous.  Going to take them home and put some binding on before I show you though.  Yesterday, we got some of the Fall release Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  We're getting ready to have a *re-do* of some of the fabric racks to make room for all of the new stuff that's coming in.  Okay....I'm needed at the counter, so I'll go back to work!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Snow Happens.....

I know....it was just the first day of Fall late Monday, so why am I talking about snow?!?  This is a picture of a darling snowman Alicia stitched out on her machine.  The folks at Bird Brain Design have started putting out some embroidery cd's to match some of their hand embroidery patterns.  Now, you need to know that Linda made this runner (by hand) a year or so ago.  She had kind of a funny look on her face when Alicia told her she stitched this out in about 10 minutes!  We have a few of the machine embroidery cd's and the hand embroidery patterns at the shop.  Plus....we have the fabric line in blue that Bird Brain designed with the same name ~ Snow Happens.  (I've noticed a definite up-tick in the amount of Christmas fabric folks are buying in the last week or so!)

Another busy week around here.....new fabric and lots of customers with fun projects!  Today I have a rep coming....we wouldn't want to run low on fabric ~ right!?!  I just finished a string of Christmas pennants that I'll be taking a picture of and I need to start looking for a home for them.  Diane is working on a couple of projects for us ~ one with bluebirds and then, we collaborated on another with Fall leaves.  Guess I better grab my stuff and head over to the shop.  Hope you all have a perfectly lovely Thursday!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Machine applique anyone.....

So many of you have inquired over the years about machine applique done with fusible web.  We have our own resident, award-winning machine applique guru in Diane here @ Fab-Etc!  I managed to persuade her to teach a quick beginning class on the *basics* of machine applique!  You've probably seen the little 12" quilts that hang by the south door as you come in.  Well, you can pick any one of these and Diane will teach you how to make them ~ from the tracing of the images, to the machine stitching.  The class is scheduled for Thursday, October 2nd and there are still a couple of spots open.  We're just updating the classes on the website, so you can get the rest of the particulars at www.fabric-etc.com

Oh my....it has just been a whirlwind of activity around here this week!  I keep thinking I will make some progress on a few projects I've got, but it just isn't happening.  We've gotten some really great fabrics this week too!  There's a super bluebird panel with prints that arrived ~ you've probably seen the ads in the magazines.  Diane is working on a project over the weekend.  And another fun bird print just arrived today.  We have new batiks too.  Tomorrow, Applique Society meets in the morning and then Diane's Beginning Quilting Class is in the afternoon.  Alicia and I will be trying to rearrange and make some room for all of the new fabrics that have come in this week in between waiting on customers.  (I really need to find the top of my desk again, too!)

And....the summer weather is supposed to make a comeback over the weekend.  I have some outside work to do on Sunday, besides the Seahawks game and some paperwork and a block for the Tri-County Quilt Tour in March.  What's your weekend look like?