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Monday, April 21, 2014

Quilts and More......

I don't know about you, but I just never have understood why the magazine companies always have us a season ahead.  But that's not important....anyway, the Summer "Quilts and More" magazine has just arrived at the shop.  (Would be nice if there were some more summer-like weather to go with it!)  It always has some super projects and you won't be disappointed this time either!  Jan and I found two projects we really liked and whipped
them out last week.  This little pincushion is made using the wool/rayon felt we carry, but you can use felted wool also.  We filled it with our ground glass and it will sit beside your work area and stay put!  The other project is this bag made from Moda's Color Me Happy line of ombre stripes.  Can you see the other colors in the picture?  (There's another project I still have in mind for these stripes, so stay tuned ~ okay?)  There are a lot of other fun ideas in this issue of the magazine, so you might take a quick *look see* when you are in the neighborhood!

I have a chance to write this at the shop....Jan is teaching her Beginning Hand Embroidery to a fun group of gals this morning, so I am sitting at my desk for a few minutes while Diane holds down the fort.  Do you enjoy hand work?  I like to have something going for the evening especially, when I can just sit and relax in my chair with the retired guy.  And I like to have a project to take camping with me in the summer too!  I'm guessing after today's class there will be a few more folks who also will enjoy that!  Okay....break's over....customers coming in.  Have a lovely Monday all!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Triangle Frenzy.....

Have you seen any of these pictured in magazines or catalogs?  Aren't they just really *sew* cool looking?  The name of the series of patterns is called
Triangle Frenzy.  The two on the left are called Triangle Frenzy Swirl and they are the latest ones that our 60 Degree Ruler Queen, Jan, just completed.  The runner on the right is the first one she made and Tracey did a beautiful job quilting it for us.  And....a lot of you have asked about the Northcott Lavender Market fabric line.  It's just arrived on the floor at Fabric-Etc today.  In fact, I am still contemplating just where the 9 bolts should live!  (The stripe is featured in a number of catalogs using the Swirl pattern.)  And yes, we do have patterns for both of those projects if you're interested.

We had a wonderful time seeing so many of you last week at the Spring Cleaning Sale.  And thanks for helping us make room for lots of the new fabrics that are arriving!  Today, Jan and I got the last of the leftover clearance area moved back to its home.  Now, it's still a matter of reorganizing and tidying again. 

I must admit I was a little tired after all of the excitement of the sale.  And then on Sunday, the retired guy and I headed south to our daughter's for a family get together.  Half of the Nashville contingent (our oldest son, Pete) had been working in town and we jumped at the chance to get to see him for a few hours before his plane took off for Tennessee.  All three of our kiddos and all four of our grandkiddos were there.....makes a mom's heart sing!  Ran into a bit of a traffic backup from the Tulip Festival on the way home, but it was a lovely day to unwind.  How was your weekend?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wordless Wednesday....

EDIT ~  Sorry, but I have to add words.....should say "minimum cut 1/8 yard"  Guess it didn't come through from my Publisher file.  Sew....it's just *with a few words Wednesday*  =)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What's cookin......

How's your week going so far?  If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you
enjoyed a glorious, warm spring day yesterday!  Today?  Not so much....a little damp!  But there's the promise of sunshine again tomorrow.  My little marigold seeds have sprouted and are clamoring for both sunshine and water.  The talking heads on the television have been saying it's *grilling weather* lately.  If you do any cooking at all, or know someone who does, wouldn't this be a great gift?  This apron is a panel from Wilmington Prints.  Jan lined it with one of the coordinates, which makes it a bit sturdier and super simple to put together in a couple of hours!

We are keeping very busy this week with *spring cleaning* in anticipation of our big sale Thursday-Saturday!  I've been dragging stuff out of the back room and marking down fabrics to put in the HUGE clearance section we always have for this sale.  And the bonus is that ALL the rest of the fabrics that aren't already marked down will be 25% off for those three days.  Guess I better be taking my vitamins!  

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dresden Revisited.....

You may remember the class Sharon taught a while back that we called Dotty Dresdens.  It utilized the EZ Dresden Ruler.  She decided to *revisit* the ruler and came up with this stunning sample she dropped off today!  Sew....she's going to teach this class on Saturday, April 26th.  I accidentally deleted the other pictures from my camera that I had of the first sample....it shows that, not only do you get this very fun quilt, but the *leftovers* can be used to make a great little topper!  I'll try and re-create that for you in the next day or so.  

If you go to the link above for our classes, you'll also see that Jan is teaching a couple of classes this month too.  She's got Beginning Hand Embroidery on Monday, April 21st and another session of her Beginning Needleturn Applique for Monday, April 28th.  There is still a little room in each of those classes as of today.  Diane has a Hunter's Star Ruler Class for the 18th, but the class filled up before we could even post it!

We've got just a little bit of a breather this week, so we've been *playing* with some things ~ hope to show them to you in the coming days!  But, I've got to buckle down in the next few days and do some *spring cleaning* around the shop.  What's your week been like?

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ode to the Daffodil.....Chapter Five.....

Well....today is the last day of the Tri-County Quilt Tour.  So, this is what I could use today.  A daffodil mug rug to go with my morning coffee and cholesterol chasing oat bran muffin  =)   When I told Team Fab-Etc that I wanted to do a bunch of daffodil projects, Alicia kept telling me we needed a mug rug.  Wasn't she oh sew right about that?  Took the daffodil and *shrunk* it down to comfortably fit on this size.  We've turned this into one of our Fabric-Etc Dollar menu patterns for your continued enjoyment!

It's windy at our house this morning, but no rain so far.  I'm off to the shop in a few minutes....what are your plans this weekend?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ode to the Daffodil.....Chapters Three and Four....

 With the success of the first two *chapters* of our ode, I thought.....what about flowers in a jar....how about a Mason jar?  At first we thought about lettering the jar Ball...PERFECT MASON.  Wait a minute....bet that's copyrighted!  Okay, back to the drawing board.  Took a while, but finally it came to me.  I love trying to find a way to get the store name in these Tri-County projects.  How about Fabric-Etc....PERFECT QUILTS?!?  I got the retired guy (my graphics guy too) and tried to explain what I wanted.  He was not too sure, but after a bunch of Google photos of Mason jars and flowers, he acquiesced.  He still wasn't so sure that you all would get the connection, but I convinced him that a bunch of us can or used to, or had moms who canned, or just liked Mason jars  =)  The first picture here is of an appliqued jar and flowers.  We (mostly Jan) hand embroidered the lettering on the jar and then appliqued it (fusible web style) to the background.  Next we a.g.o.n.i.z.e.d

over a border.  I tried prairie points, zig zags, half square triangles, no border, until simplicity reigned ~ how about a simple decorative *flap* and repeat the background?  It was a winner!

The second picture is the same idea, only we *shrunk* it a bit and did it in stitchery.  I really wanted to try the shading with Crayola crayons, so we did that too!  It was a lot of fun to get to play with crayons again.  We have patterns for both of these and some kits for the appliqued jar one.

Okay....I have some laundry to finish and then I need to find my pillow.  Night everyone!